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KLIQ K-PO Guitar Capo for 6 String Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Black Chrome


Achieve a higher pitch and play the notes and riffs you need for any show or recording with the KLIQ electric guitar capo. With carefully balanced spring tension, it avoids over-tensioning and fret buzz. Soft and resilient silicone covers the entire contact area, preventing scratches on the radiuses fingerboard, and neck. The narrow portion at the front of the 6-string guitar capo prevents tone deadening and keeps your sound full and rich. Aircraft-grade zinc alloy construction creates a long-lasting and durable clamp. With its simple squeeze release design, ergonomic shape, and smooth contours, this guitar fretboard accessory is quick and easy to attach. Available in multiple colors to match your style, it's precisely machined and carefully hand-assembled. Use the device as an electric or acoustic guitar capo on stage or in the studio. An included metal case provides safe storage and a convenient way to transport the accessory.

KLIQ UberTuner – Professional Clip-On Tuner for All Instruments (multi-key modes) – with Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Bass &


Premier guitar magazine happy musicians agree that the uber tuner is the best tuner they've ever used. Here's why, experience worry-free tuning with 1 cent accuracy lightening fast- wide tuning range of A0-C8- variable A4 frequency of 430-450 hz (pitch calibration)- specific tuning modes for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, and chromatic- super bright full-color display lets you easily see whether you're in tune or not- easy to use for beginners, robust enough for pros- tuner can attach in front or behind the headstock- works with a capo, as well as with any tuning.

Long Beach Music Hummingbird Abalone Pickguard for Gibson Acoustic Guitar, Adhesive Back, Tortoise

Give your instrument the look of a classic model with the Gibson hummingbird pickguard. As a decorative and functional accessory, it sits under the strings to protect the guitar body from the pick as you strum. This Gibson acoustic pickguard has a rich finish complemented by abalone inlays that depict flowers, a hummingbird and a butterfly in intricate detail. The finish coordinates with the wood finish of the guitar body. This guitar accessory measures 2mm thick with a beveled edge and adds protection without adding bulk or weight. It has a flexible surface made of crystal epoxy resin that's resistant to scratches and scuffs, maintaining a smooth appearance. A peel-and-stick backing makes it easy to apply and the curved shape fits neatly around the central opening. Affix the tortoise pickguard to a Gibson or Epiphone Hummingbird guitar to turn your instrument into an homage to the original, iconic design.

Long Beach Music Gibson Hummingbird Pickguard, Compatible with Gibson Acoustic Guitar, Adhesive back, Tortoise, Abalone:

Flamma FC05 Mini Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal Chorus Flanger Tremolo Phaser Vibrato Rotary Liquid Autowah

The mini modulation electric guitar effects pedal with 11 high-quality classic modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser, Vibrato, Rotary, Liquid, Auto wah, Stutter, Ring, Low bit. Which provides you with more choice and creation for your guitar playing. The full metal shell design makes it more durable. The tiny size makes it compact and portable. Bright color brings energy to your performance. 9V 150mA power supply, Not Included.