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Snak Club Tajin Chili and Lime Seasoned Candy Peach Rings, 11 ounce Family Size bag

Snak Club Tajin Clasico Peach Rings are the perfect fruity and sweet treat with a bit of zing! The FAMILY size bag makes it easy to enjoy with family and friends. This bag of peach rings is made with delicious fruit flavor and, of course, the signature chili lime taste of Tajin Clasico.

ECO-TASTE Strawberry Powder – Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Powder, 150g

Freeze Dried Strawberry Is Made From Whole Berry With Vacuum Freeze Drying Technology. The Process Includes Freezing The Fresh Fruit Under Low Temperature In Vacuum Environment, Lowering Pressure, Removing The Ice In Frozen Fruit By Sublimation, Crushing The Freeze-Dried Fruit Into Powder ,And Sieving The Powder Through 60 Mesh. Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder Keeps All The Nutrients And Freshness Of Strawberry, Rich In Vitamin, Fiber, Pectin, and Minerals.

Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars Strawberry Banana 0.63 oz. Each Pack of 12

Nutrition facts Refer to the product label for full dietary information, which may be available as an alternative product image. about 1 servings per container Serving Size 18 g Amount per serving Calories 60 Amount per serving % Daily Value* Total Fat 0g 0% Saturated Fat0.0g 0% Trans Fat0.0g Cholesterol 0.0mg 0% Sodium 0.0mg 0% Total Carbohydrate 14g 5% Dietary Fiber1.0g 4% Sugars12.0g 10% Includes Added Sugars5.0g Protein 0.0g Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 10% Calcium 0% Potassium130mg 2% Iron 0% Vitamin D 0% * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Calories per gram: Fat 9 • Carbohydrate 4 • Protein 4

Bestore Dried Sweet Potato Healthy Fruit Snack No Add Sugar 17.63oz

dried sweet potato dried sweet potatoes dehydrated sweet potatoes sweet potato treats sweet potato snack sweet potatoes dry sweet potato sweet potatoes fresh organic sweet potato sweet potatoes fries sweet yams sweet potatoe candied sweet potatoes sweet potatoes organic sweet potato sweet potato crackers sweet potatoe pie sweet potatoes in a bag Dried sweet potato, also called dried sweet potato or dried groundnut, is made from sweet potato. The whole potatoes are steamed and peeled, then cut and dried naturally. Dried sweet potatoes are rich in glucose and vitamins and have a balanced nutrition.

HARVEAST Turkish Sun-Dried Figs 16oz (1 Pack)


🌱【 Delicious Turkish Dried Figs 】- Our tender, chewy and sweet Smyrna Figs are naturally grown and sun dried without the use of harmful chemicals or GMOs. This gives you a healthy, delicious and wholesome end product.

🌲【 All Natural 】 - HARVEAST cultivated and dried Turkish figs to be 100% all-natural. Our traditional natural process of handpicking and sun-drying, which select only the most delicious, sweet dehydrated figs to delivery to your home!

👨🍳【 Gourmet Vegan Snack 】- Use these gourmet sun dried figs in snack trays, charcuterie boards, garnishes, yogurt or anything else you desire. Perfect for parties, weddings and special occasions!

👍 [ Unsulfured, Kosher, Gluten Free ] -! These gourmet figs are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, calcium, potassium and other nutrients. Not to mention, they are gluten free, vegan, Kosher, unsulfured & all-natural.

✔️【 Perfect Foodie Gift 】- They are a perfect snack gift for vegans, gymer, dietitian and sweet-tooth munchies. Suitable for various special occasion such as birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, Hanukah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving to your loved one!

Fruit Strips Fruit Leathers Healthy Snack Made with Real Fruit Puree Concentrate Good and Gather 10 Strips (Strawberry Mango)

From everyday adventures to special field trips, send them on their way with the Strawberry Mango Fruit Strips from Good & Gather™. Made with real fruit puree concentrate, these fruit strips don't contain artificial flavors or certified synthetic colors, making them a great sweet snack you can add to your kiddo's lunchbox, and the individual wrapping makes them an easy addition. The combination of strawberry and mango offers a delicious flavor they're sure to love. Whether you pack these fruit-flavored snacks in their lunchbox or save them for an after-school treat, they're sure to enjoy the sweet and fruity flavors any time of day. Every product that carries the Good & Gather™ name starts with quality ingredients that deliver great taste, making it easier for you and your family to eat well, every day. We promise you’ll love each bite, or your money back.

Family Foods Red Li Hing Mui, Preserved Plum Fruit Snack, 6 oz

Family Red Li Hing Mui is a preserved dried plum fruit candy snack. This li hing mui is described my many as sweet, sour, and salty. Family Red Li Hing Mui is meaty, dried plum with its seed still in the middle. These preserved plum snacks are a very popular snack in several Asian countries. Immigrants from those lands eventually brought this salty snack to Hawaii where it has become a favorite local snack. It can be eaten alone, added as a garnish atop shaved ice, included as part of your own pickled fruit recipes, and much more. Family Food brand is known in Hawaii for its quality products.

Passion Fruit


Vitamin & electrolyte mixer that replenishes what alcohol depletes for a better tomorrow. Also can be used as a recovery drink and great for mocktails too!

When fruit is your passion, this mix is your sweet spot. Profiled after the South American powerhouse and extremely versatile, a packet of Passion Fruit pairs perfectly with clear spirits. Or, add it to your favorite island-inspired cocktails for a punch that picks up as the night goes on. 

Plays well with: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Mocktails. 

20 single servings included in each 20 pack. 

Wise Company Simple Kitchen Freeze-Dried Sweet Apples

Simple Kitchen's (a Wise Company brand) 4 serving freeze-dried Sweet Apples. No fake flavors or preservatives, these are sure to be the most delicious, healthy freeze dried fruit you will ever have.

Blueberry Pouches (16 Pouches)


Toss this pouch in your bag and take it with you in all your adventures. It's like bringing 80 freshly handpicked organic blueberries* with you anywhere. 

Each Bberri blueberry pouch packs about 80 organic blueberries* that we've handpicked and crushed at our orchard. This puree is thinner that what you’ll find in other brands, because it’s truly made only from real, fresh blueberries.

Enjoy a high quality, delicious, and pure smoothie without the hefty price tag at smoothie bars and without the mess at home. Toss it in your bag and take it with you in all your adventures. Breakfast on-the-go, workout fuel, a school snack, a healthy dessert, or just because! Made for toddlers, kids, adults, and seniors to enjoy anytime, anyplace.

Just like you, we’re sick of seeing questionable ingredients listed on the food that we eat. That’s why we simplified this choice for you and your family. Like all Bberri products, our pouches are made without any added sweeteners, fruit or vegetable fillers, thickeners, concentrates, or any other additives. Not even water. Organic blueberries are the only ingredients. Try it for yourself!

*Based on the USDA’s average weight of 1.4g per blueberry.

Ingredients: Organic blueberries. Nothing else.

Size: Each pouch contains 4 oz. (113g). 

BEAR Fruit Rolls Variety Pack Straw/Rasp 8.4oz, 12 count

BEAR Variety Pack with Strawberry and Raspberry Fruit Rolls. 12 individual packs with 6 of each flavor. These fruit snacks are just real fruit and absolutely nothing else! All BEAR fruit snacks are 100% natural with no added sugar. Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, and Kosher. Healthy snacking your family can feel good about for every occasion. Adored by kids and loved by parents!