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Nut Cravings Turkish Dried Apricots: No Sugar Added, All Natural Dried Fruits (80oz)


Mediterranean magic you cant help but crave.

Whether you want a sweet plump pick-me-up or a healthy addition to your weight loss regimen, Nut Cravings Dried Turkish Apricots are your snacking solution! This bag of dehydrated fruit slices delivers your daily dietary fiber, iron, and other vitamin-rich nourishment while keeping your sweet tooth satisfied. Picked ripe from the trees of Turkey, each batch is dried fresh and packaged in a convenient resealable pouch for your portable pleasure. Mix them up with your choice of nuts and seeds to make homemade fruit bars, Dieters and diabetics rest easy knowing theres no added sugar or preservatives just sweet, juicy indulgence. Feel free to toss a pack in your gym bag, go about your day, and enjoy golden Kosher goodness along the way!