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25 ct “Dirty” Deli Style Potato Chips Variety Box

"Dirty"® Deli Style Potato chips variety box is the perfect thing to keep in your kitchen! 25 individual 2 oz bags of our crunchy, tasty "Dirty"® potato chips. You will enjoy 10 sea salted bags, 10 mesquite BBQ bags, and 5 sour cream & onion bags. This variety box gives everyone something to choose from, includes all your favorite flavors! Individually packaged, perfect for packing lunches, great for the Office, Meetings, Schools, Friends & Family, Military, College, Halloween, any occasion! Dirty chips are kettle chips with attitude. We offer bold, disruptive, trend-setting flavors with authentic ingredients and small-batch quality. "Dirty"® tells the story of the humble potato, fresh from the earth, sliced and cooked the same way it's been done since 1986. We leave some of the peel on to give them their "Dirty"® nature for a crunchier, tastier potato chip! This 25 countt variety box will satisfy all your snack needs with all of your favorite “Dirty”® flavors!

24 ct Boulder Canyon Potato Chips Variety Pack

Wherever you go, you will be doing everyone a favor by bringing this Variety Pack of Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. Thickly-sliced American-grown potatoes are slowly kettle cooked in small batches so that you always get that kettle crunch. Simple ingredients and flawless process results in a crunchier, tastier potato chip! This pack of 24, 1.5 oz. bags is perfect for school lunch boxes, to pack while on the go, stock the pantry and even makes great party favors! Includes Hickory BBQ (6), Sea Salt (6), Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper (6) and Olive Oil Sea Salt (6). Pair these kettle-cooked potato chips with your favorite chip dip or a sandwich and do those taste buds a favor they won’t forget! Boulder Canyon potato chips variety pack represents everything Boulder Canyon stands for, a delicious variety of flavors made with premium real food ingredients, to give you active life style the best snack to go with you.