Roku Smart Home Indoor Camera SE Wi-Fi&reg-Connected – Wired Security Surveillance Camera with Motion & Sound Detection

You can’t be in every room in your house (that tech doesn’t exist—yet). Roku Indoor Camera SE (wired) is your eyes and ears when you’re not around. Supervise kids and pets, enforce bedtime, and check for intruders while you’re away with crystal-clear, day-or-night picture streamed right to the Roku Smart Home mobile app or your Roku TV™ or Player. Automatic motion and sound detection let you know what’s going on the moment it happens—so you have just enough time to say, “Don’t eat that!” with undistorted two-way audio. A built-in 80db siren (that’s pretty loud) deters unwanted visitors, while customized motion detection zones ensure you won’t be sounding the alarm for curtains innocently blowing in the wind. Roku Indoor Camera SE is easy to set up and mount, making home monitoring a snap.