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Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Flavored Snacks, Blastin’ Berry Hot Colors, 10 ct

When you need a tasty snack for kids of all ages, choose the juicy goodness of Fruit Roll-Ups Blastin' Berry Hot Colors Fruit Flavored Snacks. Unwrap delicious fun with these delicious fruit flavored snacks. With wild flavors and colors, the possibilities for fun are endless. You've finally found the perfect after-school snack that's a win for you and your kids. Each roll comes with an assortment of tongue tattoos for wacky fun. Packaged for on-the-go convenience, Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Flavored Snack pouches are the perfect addition to your pantry and grocery routine and a snack every member of the family will love. These tasty treats are made without gluten and gelatin. Contains 10 fruit flavored snack pouches in total.

Jovy Revolcaditas Mango Flavor Mexican Gummies (1 x 6 oz. Bag)

Enjoy a delicious blend of sweet and spicy with these classic Mexican candies. A staple for any party!

Enjoy Big Value Li Hing Sour Watermelon, 14 oz

Our Big Value Li Hing Sour Watermelon comes in large 14oz resealable packages. Colored and shaped like little watermelon wedges, they are sour, watermelon-flavored gummies dusted with plum powder and sugar for a sweet and tart flavor. These gummies are firm and chewy like our Sour Strawberry and Sour Apple products.

Marzetti Chocolate Fruit Dip 6 pack, 2 oz Cups

Snack-size cups for home, work, school and on the GO!

Mamba Tropics Fruit Chews Candy Assorted Fruit Flavor, Juicy, Chewy and Mouthwatering Soft Candy Great for Snacking Halloween

Filled with juicy, fruity flavors this mouthwatering Mamba peg bag won’t disappoint you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the refreshing island tastes of Pineapple-Coconut, Peach-Passionfruit, Apple-Kiwi, or Mango-Orange. Comes in 3 bags of 3.52oz each.

Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears Candy Bulk 2 Pounds, Classic Fruity Flavors, Healthy Gummies with Real Fruit Juice, for

•SO JUICY, SO GOOD: You know them, love them, now get your hands on some Black Forest Gummy bears. Made with real fruit juice, fat-free & gluten-free, each little gummy bear is as delicious as the last •BLACK FOREST GUMMY BEARS: Black Forest gummy bears are for kids & kids at heart. Soft & gummy fruit flavored candy full of authentic juicy flavor you'll feel good about. Go ahead, treat yourself •GET YOUR GUMMY ON: From gummy bears to gummy worms, fruit snacks to sour heads, Black Forest candy is the perfect sweet snack to add flavor to your day. Real fruit flavors, naturally juicy. •TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: What makes Black Forest gummies, fruit chews, & fruit snacks so good, Our classic & organic snacks have real fruit juice, so each gummy bear, chew, or fruit snack is soft, chewy, & fruity. •BULK ORIGINALCLASSIC GUMMY BEARS Add a moment of fun to your day with Black Forest candy, whether you treat yourself or share with others.

JOLLY RANCHER, Very Berry Assorted Fruit Flavored Gummies Candy, Movie Theater Snack, 3.7 oz, Bag

A mix of five fruity favorites for the whole family in just one bag of chewy gummies? You wouldn't have thought it possible if you didn't know JOLLY RANCHER candy. This bag of fruit-flavored gummies is full of fun, flavorful fruit shapes each member of the family will be happy to choose from. Featuring blackberry, blue raspberry, wild strawberry, black cherry and wild berry flavors, JOLLY RANCHER gummies offer a combination of the undisputed original flavor classics you know and love. Keep this bag with you on the go so that you can share with friends, co-workers or family members throughout the day — but don't forget to save some gummies for yourself during all that sharing! These fruit candies make the perfect covered candy bowl display all year thanks to vibrant colors and attractive JOLLY RANCHER fruit shapes. They're also great treats for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Halloween party favors. If you want a small candy with a big taste to keep your taste buds busy during movie nights, lunch hours and snack breaks, JOLLY RANCHER chewy gummies are the treat for you.

Tony’s Chocolonely – Tiny Tony’s Jumbo Mix – 900g X 2 Packs

These modest chocolates go well with coffee, tea, and even chocolate milk. – You can eat well when you get