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Butterfly US &ndash Steel Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Backup, Shock-Resistant, Water-and-Fire Safe Cold Storage Crypto Wallet

Butterfly US – Steel Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Backup, Shock-Resistant, Water-and-Fire Safe Cold Storage Crypto Wallet for Seed Phrases and Mnemonics, Double Metal Plate Keep Your Cryptocurrency Keys Safe – Use our steel crypto wallets to secure y

Miss My Bitcoin Wallet Crypto Necklace Stainless Steel or 18k Gold Dog Tag 24″ Chain

This high-quality graphic dog tag pendant necklace is the perfect keepsake whether for yourself or a loved one. ➜ Luxury Military Necklace Chain: 24" (61cm) with upgraded clasp ➜ Dog Tag: 28.5mm x 51mm

Ethereum Water Bottle Crypto Water Bottles Cryptocurrency Ethereum Logo Gift ETH Shield Ethereum Merch


• Ethereum Water Bottle: Crypto Water Bottle Ethereum Water Cryptocurrency Water Bottle. 14 oz White Stainless Steel Ethereum Water Bottles with Carabiner and Key Chain Ring. Ethereum Water Bottle for Men Women Boys Girls. Crypto Water Bottles Cryptocurrency Ethereum Gift. Ethereum Merch is a great gift for Ethereum enthusiasts. Ethereum logo design for crypto traders, Ethereum miners, blockchain fans and anyone investing in crypto currencies.

• LEAK-PROOF: Ethereum Water Bottles Ethereum Merchandise is perfect for Ethereum investor, Ethereum miner or ETH trader or anyone fascinated with Crypto currency trading. Ethereum Accessories and Gifts. Ethereum Logo Bottles. Great Christmas gift. Great Birthday gift. ETH Crypto Gifts for Blockchain enthusiasts and Crypto Investors.

• SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: Fire Fit Designs White Water Bottle Stainless Steel Bottle is lightweight, resistant to rust, staining and corrosion. Perfect choice for school, camping trips, gym, work, picnics and any other indoor or outdoor activity. Keeps water cold and pleasant to drink all day long.

• EASY TO CARRY: We are thinking of everything. The water bottle comes with open and close carabiner and key chain ring so you can carry and secure the bottle easily. Carabiner & Key Chain Ring - 14 oz

• AWESOME DESIGN: Hydrating is essential, why not do it in style? This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a safe closing to keep one’s bag dry, while amazing quality print makes it as appealing as practical. For travels, dance classes, or on a desk next to one’s laptop - an excellent choice for every occasion.

BitBox02 Hardware Wallet (Bitcoin Only Edition) by Shift Crypto


Minimalist Swiss-Designed Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin Maximalists. 

TheBitBox02 hardware wallet by Swiss brand Shift Crypto is known for its sophisticated minimalism and ease of use. This BitBox02 Bitcoin-only edition has limited firmware and only supports Bitcoin. Less code means less attack surface, which further improves your security when storing BTC. If you own only Bitcoin, this is an enhanced security feature that keeps your coin ultra secure. A well designed app and touch gestures powered by touch sensors and OLED display enable quick setup time. Your seed phrase is automatically backed up on the included microSD card. 

USE & SETUP WITH EASE - BitBox02 is designed with an OLED screen with legible-size font and sliding control for smooth setup and transactions. With the click of a button you can quickly and easily update your firmware, without the hassle of extra steps. 

ADVANCED PRIVACY PROTECTION Advanced features include coin-control and personal node connections, so you can select specific outpoint addresses from which to send your coins, amplifying your anonymity in transactions. Be your own private bank, now and forever.

SECURE YOUR FUTURE - It is well known by now that storing your Cryptocurrency in a software wallet is a bad idea. With Bitbox02, you'll never worry again about malicious hackers and security lapses threatening your hard earned assets. 

EXTRA LAYER OF DEFENSE - Your recovery word seed is recorded and stored in a microSD card, adding an extra layer of defense to guard your private keys. This eliminates human errors like messy handwriting that can occur when copying the recovery word seed on paper. If someone steals your hardware wallet, they won’t have access to your private keys because they will be stored safely on your separate SD card. 

VERIFIED, INSPECTED, & TRANSPARENT - Open source technology enables anyone–including the sharpest minds in crypto–to inspect and analyze BitBox02’s code and validate its safety according to the highest security standards in the world. 


  • Bitcoin only for enhanced security
  • Swiss designed and engineered
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy backup and restoration with included micro SD card
  • OLED display with capacitive touch sensors
  • Fully open source
  • Protected using included secure chip
  • USB-C cable included for connection to Android App

Ethereum Apron for Women Cryptocurrency Apron Kitchen Aprons for Women Chef Apron Funny Crypto Bitcoin Gifts


• Ethereum Apron for Women Cryptocurrency BBQ Aprons for Women Chef Apron Funny Mom Apron Kitchen Aprons for Women Cooking Gifts for Women. Mother’s Day Gifts for Women. Womens apron, aprons for Women, chef apron, cute aprons for Women, funny apron, kitchen aprons for Women, BBQ apron, funny aprons for Women, cooking apron for Women, aprons for wife, birthday cooking gifts for Women, Womens kitchen apron, summer party cookout BBQ apron for woman, cute apron.

• Ethereum Clothing is a great gift for Ethereum enthusiasts. Ethereum logo design for crypto traders, Ethereum miners, blockchain fans and anyone investing in crypto currencies. Ethereum apparel is perfect Ethereum wear for Ethereum investor, Ethereum miner or ETH trader. Ethereum Gift. Crypto Gift. Grill Apron for Women, funny aprons for cooks, Womens apron cooking gifts for wife, aprons for mom, aprons for sister, aprons for girlfriend, Valentines day apron gift, Christmas gifts for Women.

• Our Poly Twill Apron is the perfect cooking accessory. Lightweight, stylish and durable, this apron with your custom design and will make you look great during those backyard cookouts.

• Material / Fabric: 100% Polyester

• Size / Features: Length: 30.32 in / Width at waist: 27.56 in / Strap length, in 22.05 / Strap width: 1.03 in. One-sided print. Black detachable twill straps

CASEMATIX Customizable Bitcoin Wallet Case Fits Up to TWO Ledger Nano S – Cryptocurrency Wallet with USB Computer Cable Rugged,

  • CASEMATIX Rugged, Airtight Waterproof Cryptocurrency Case for Ledger Hard Wallet fits up to 2 Ledger Nano S Wallet and Computer Cable – Customizable Foam to make separate compartments – DOES NOT INCLUDE LEDGER HARDWARE WALLET

  • Exterior of the Impact Resistant Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Ledger Holder is made of dense blow-injection mold plastic and measures 5.7x4.0x2.0 inches. Also, a heavy closing latch, waterproof O-ring lining and air-pressurization seal make it Waterproof and Airtight

  • Interior has a rubber lining as well as top and bottom protective padding for max impact protection. A foam lining and a 0.75” cubed pre-cut customizable foam cushion protects and organizes your Cryptocurrency wallet hardware devices

  • Internal foam lining has a thickness varying from 0.25-0.33 inches and surrounds the customizable cushion made of about ninety 0.25 square-inch cubes that can be removed for compartment making. Maximum Usable Space Measures 3.5 x 1.87 x 1.25 inches

  • Discreetly carry your Bitcoin Wallet Case or throw it into your bag, purse or backpack. Impact Resistant, IP67 Waterproof, Crushproof, Airtight Ledger Nano S – Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Case ; INCLUDES CASE ONLY

  • CASEMATIX Rugged Waterproof Customizable Case For Up to 2 Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets and Charge Cable
    This compact case is designed to securely store and house your portable offline bitcoin wallet and small accessories such as cables or adapters. The durable crush resistant hard plastic exterior and shock absorbing foam interior provide the ultimate protection for your valuable Ledger Nano Hardware wallet. Customize the pluckable cubed foam to hold your Bitcoin Device

    Safely Travel With Your Ledger Bitcoin Wallets and Accessories - WATERPROOF , CRUSHPRROOF , SHOCK RESISTANT
    The compact design makes this case ideal for traveling with your cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The external dimensions are 5.7" x 4.0" x 2.0" so it conveniently fits in any backpack, laptop or computer bag. A durable snap tight latch keeps it firmly held shut but can be opened in seconds. The rigid outer shell prevents your bitcoin wallet from being crushed while traveling. As well, there is a solid rubber liner that provides an airtight seal and prevents water, moisture and dust from damaging your valuable bitcoin storage device. Feel confident transporting your device when traveling, vacationing and more knowing your device is always protected.

    Protect your Valuable Offline Cryptocurrency Wallet From Water, Shock, Drops, Dust and Damage
    The interior of the case has a solid rubber liner to keep it airtight, and the main compartment has a protective foam padding measuring 0.25-0.33 inches surrounding a customizable foam area. The Customizable Foam Cushion area has a maximum usable space of 3.5 x 1.87 x 1.25 inches that can hold TWO Ledger Nano Hard Wallet with small cables. All of this reduces shock from drops that can damage your device, and its pressurized contents ensures there is no possibility of contamination from dust, moisture and spills.


    Ballet Global BAL-94302-C Ballet REAL Series Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Card

    Manufacturer Part Number: BAL-94302-C

    • THE WALLET FOR EVERYONE: Ballet wallets are 100% offline. Storing your cryptocurrency assets in offline cold storage prevents unauthorized electronic access to the funds on your REAL Series wallets. Your funds cannot be electronically hacked.
    • NO SETUP: REAL Series wallets come ready to use out of the box. Just scan a QR code to store your cryptocurrency and you're all done!
    • NO MAINTENANCE: REAL Series wallets are physical wallets which, unlike electronic hardware wallets, don't need to be maintained or electronically updated.
    • BALLET CRYPTO: The Ballet Crypto app allows you to easily view and manage your assets in real-time.

    By intention, Ballet cryptocurrency wallets were designed to be without any computer chips or electronics circuitry. Computer chips and electronics circuitry present a vector for electronic or online hacking, and they usually also require constant maintenance and numerous firmware upgrades, leading to unnecessary complication and security risk. With the non-electronic Ballet wallets, you will never have to worry about any of these issues, which if severe, can lead to the user's mistakes and loss of funds. REAL wallets were made with decentralization in mind, so only the end users have FULL and EXCLUSIVE control of their private keys, giving them full and unfettered access to their digital assets. Ballet's wallet private keys are two-factor and made of two separate components, similar to 2-of-2 multisig private keys. Furthermore, we utilize a Two-Factor Key Generation (2FKG) production process, where the two critical private key components are generated in a geographically segregated, multinational private key production process. This patent-pending manufacturing process ensures the highest level security for our physical wallets. REAL Series wallets are made in accordance with BIP38 open industry standards. These tried-and-tested encryption and decryption algorithms further ensure the security of your funds, and assure you that you can still access your funds even if Ballet ceases operations. The encryption and decryption algorithms are non-proprietary, and we have open-sourced our software to ensure full access to the underlying decryption standards.

    Protective Case for Ledger Nano S Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Wallet including USB Strap for Transport, Power and Data Transfer –

    CamKix Protective Case and USB Strap Cable for Ledger Nano S Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Wallet

    While the Ledger Wallet protects your cryptocurrency, the CamKix case will shield your Ledger.

    Use the USB strap as a cable to connect your Ledger Nano S to your notebook. Finished using the Nano S? Convert the USB cable back to a strap to safely carry your Ledger Nano S with you anywhere.

    The durable and lightweight nylon case allows you to safely take your Ledger Nano S crypto wallet with you anywhere.

    A good quality zipper is an essential feature of a great storage and travel case. The zipper of this case does exactly what it is supposed to do.


    - 1x Protective Case for Ledger Nano S Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Wallet

    - 1x USB Strap (USB to Micro USB)

    - 1x Cleaning Cloth

    CamKix If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by CamKix, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently! CamKix-USPTO# 86127507- is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. CamKix products are sold by authorized sellers only.

    SecuX V20 – Most Secure Crypto Hardware Wallet w/ Bluetooth


    SecuX V20 is a cryptocurrency ultra-secure wallet that supports Bitcoin BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, DGB, GRS, and ERC-20 Tokens, and over 1000 coins and tokens with more being added all the time.

    Item Includes:
    • 1 SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 SecuX black pouch
    • 2 Recovery sheets
    • 1 Quick Start Guide

    SecuX V20 Overview

    Featuring the world’s most secure, easy to use hardware wallet, V20 put you in charge of your digital assets with its diamond shape aluminum frame and vault-grade security.

    • Aluminum alloy shell design
    • 2.8-inch large color touchscreen
    • Infineon SLE Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip
    • Tamper-resistant sealing label on device and packaging
    • Cross-platform Operation (Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS and Android Host Devices)
    • Bluetooth5 and USB Type-C connection
    • Compliant with BIP-32/39/44 Standard 12, 18 and 24-word phrase wallet recovery
    • Support 1000+ crypto coins/tokens including all ERC-20/TRC-10/TRC-20 Tokens
    • Expandable accounts up to 500 accounts available
    • Built-in 600mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
    360 Degree All-Around Protection

    From concept to product, our team of experts in SecuX inspects all levels of safety and security, to deliver the best quality hardware wallet. Working relentlessly to ensure the prevention of potential risks such as cyber-attack, virus implantation, physical invasion, clone swapping and much more, they implement rigorous production and management in concept design, supply chain, hardware/ software/ firmware engineering and development, and even in user behavior study to achieve an all-around secure, sophisticated and user-friendly device.

    Military-level Defense Technology

    SecuX wallets are equipped with an Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+* Secure Element chip, which is used to securely store your unique PIN and Private Key. Such vault-grade and military level security enables zero transaction leakage, and surpasses those adopted by banking systems as protection from online attacks. Your transactions are verified without the private key ever leaving the device.

    * CC: Stands for common criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation.
    EAL: The Evaluation Assurance Level is a category ranking assigned to an IT product or system, after a Common Criteria security evaluation.
    EAL5+: Semi-formally designed and tested with one or more additions to this level rating.

    24 Recovery Words and Passphrase

    SecuX hardware wallets generate your unique 24 recovery words and support standard BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 recovery words of 12, 18 and 24 words. It also provides a 25th word passphrase option to enable the hidden wallet feature.

     SecuX Crypto Manager

    With your choice of mobile or computer, our SecuX web and mobile app help you manage, send and receive crypto assets, as well as synchronize data from the blockchain network to your wallet, keeping your funds and transactions up to date

    2.8 Inch Touch Screen

    Manage your digital assets with ease on our large 2.8 inch touch screen. Browse through your investment portfolio at a glance, and verify transactions with visual confirmation

    Bluetooth and USB Connectivity

    Connect via Bluetooth 5 or USB Type-C (V20) anytime anywhere with advanced encrypted standard technology.