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ZENY Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine Large Capacity Built-in Gravity Dryer Separate Washer (Dual, 17.6 lbs.)

Constructed of high-density plastic body + Aluminum pump + Upgraded motor make it well built to use for years. This washing machine really washes and dehydrates, the clothes come out nearly dry after using the spinner. Designed to save time and money with two built-in units, one tub for washing clothes and a separate tub for spinning out excess water. This washing machine is perfect for those with a need to multi-task, save space and may want to save themselves a trip to the expensive laundromat. No more costly trips to the laundromat. Energy efficient operation saves on utility bills. Easy to move and transport to anywhere, lightweight and space-saving design allows it easily fit in a bathroom or closet, ideal for dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping trips or anywhere with limited space!

Zeny Beginners 39″ Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessoriese, Black

Thanks for choosing our ZENY 39" electric guitar. This solid wood guitar features a sturdy top with fine arches, ideal for new, aspiring musicians and expert guitar heroes. Shaped for easy control during playing, either sitting or standing up. No electric guitar is complete without an amplifier. Our 10W amp is loud for its size and runs on batteries for easy portability. Besides, A carrying bag is necessary. Take your electric guitar to your lesson or where ever the next adventure with a nylon bag with zip closures. Ideal for prolonging your guitar's quality and easy storage. This beginner guitar has a basswood fret board and maple neck. The guitar features a three pickup configuration, with a pick up selector knob to mold your tone. The neck has 21 frets, and is supported by a fully adjustable truss rod. There are black and blue two colors for you to choose, which can satisfy your different aesthetics.

ZENY 38″ New Beginners Acoustic Guitar with Case, Strap, Tuner and Pick, Black


This guitar kit contains everything you need to start playing classical guitar. A guitar tuner which is very easy to use and helps keep the guitar perfectly tuned. The guitar has a hard maple fretboard and bridge helps to produce a better sound and feel to the guitar. It also has a solid basswood top, side and back. Carrying case was included. Low action strings reduce hand fatigue and are easy on your fingers. A guitar strap with leather end can help you hold the guitar well.