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YEHs Dried Fruits: Dried Irwin Mango 150g – || No-Added Sugar || Soft and Chewy || Vacuum Sealed || Made in Taiwan ||

Yehs Dried Fruits (YEHS) are produced by family farms using no sugar, preservatives or additives. YEHS Dried Irwin Mango comes from the town of Fang Shang in Taiwan. Fang Shang have been growing Irwin mangoes for generations. Irwin Mangos are known for their fiber-less, sweet flavor and pleasant aroma. Family farm takes care of each tree to ensure the quality of their hard work can be tasted with each bite. From fertilizing, flowering, lawing, pruning, to bagging, each step is to ensure a juicy ripe mango. YEHS Irwin Dried Mango are made from these fresh mangoes. We simply wash, peel, cut and dried. That’s it. No added sugar, preservatives, or additives. 100% natural mango that you can trust and taste.